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Them: “This is against what the Church teaches! You need to read up on the Catechism!”

Me: “I believe in the Gospel. I believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It’s enough.”

Them: “Homosexuality is a sin. Romans and Leviticus are clear. Repent of this sin!”

Me: “Assaulting boys and cheating on my spouse with trafficked children are the sins.”

Them: “This is heresy! You aren’t a real Catholic, and you’re twisting the Word of God!”

Me: “Heresy is that which sows division in the faith. I will not provoke another schism.”

Them: “You can’t support a mortal sin like abortion! You can’t receive the Eucharist!”

Me: “Christ offers his Body and Blood, his grace, to everyone because we are sinners.”

Them: “Sodom and Gomorrah paid the price for their sin! Do not celebrate sodomy!”

Me: “Reread Ezekiel 16:49 and Matthew 10:12-15. Their sin is pride and inhospitality.”

Them: “You can’t support the killing of innocent children! The unborn must be saved!”

Me: “I agree. Let’s support contraception, universal healthcare, and fighting poverty.”

Them: “You’re not a true Catholic! You must obey the Church’s magisterial authority!”

Me: “I have been baptized and confirmed in the faith. I obey my conscience under God.”

Them: “Homosexuality is unnatural! The only valid purpose of sexuality is procreation!”

Me: “Perfect love brings two people into one flesh. Not all are called to bear children.”

Them: “You have to be in communion with the Church! Repent of your false doctrine!”

Me: “Paul teaches that I wouldn’t confess ‘Jesus is Lord’ if the Spirit was not in me.”

Them: “Only within the Sacred Tradition can you be saved! You’re hurting the faith!”

Me: “Jesus said whoever wasn’t against us is for us. Do not prevent acting in his name.”

Now, let me be clear. I don’t hate traditionalist Catholics or conservative Christians. I do, however, feel hurt and defensive whenever I see these kinds of accusations tossed around so casually at other progressives. It’s my hope that putting these arguments and responses down in text will make my position clearer. I believe in showing love to everyone as Jesus did. I don’t want to abuse people and their bodies, or to try and claim power within the Mystical Body of Christ. I believe our faith, beyond the Catholic Church, across all of Christendom, is big enough for everyone.