Saint Andrew met a young scribe returning from his studies in Galilee. After receiving an invitation to his home, Andrew broke bread with the scribe and listened to his questions.

“How can God be three people?” the scribe asked. “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? You were called to follow the law of Moses, yet you talk as if you were a pagan!”

“The Lord our God is one,” Andrew replied. “Shall I show you three persons in one?”

The scribe said yes, and so Andrew lifted a finger. First, he pointed out a window at the fields outside the scribe’s house and said, “Behold, the Father.”

Then he pointed to the scribe’s chest and said, “Behold, the Son.”

Finally, he pointed at his own heart and said, “Behold, the Holy Spirit. Three within one. When you realize this, you stand in the kingdom of heaven.”