As they walked through Capernaum, Peter and Paul saw a man carrying buckets of water on his shoulders. He grumbled and moaned, spitting curses at whoever crossed his path.

“That man has a terrible burden,” Paul commented.

Peter laughed and answered, “You speak the truth!”

It was some time later that this same man came to believe in the Risen Christ, and he began to attend the gatherings of his fellow disciples in Capernaum. On the Sabbath, he sat in their midst and rested from his labors at their table.

When Peter and Paul saw him again, he was on the same road, hauling large buckets of water. The man showed no interest to anyone who crossed his path.

“How sad,” said Paul, “that this man came to know the Good News, but he still suffers so!”

“Then look closer, friend,” Peter replied. He pointed to the man’s eyes and to the smile he wore. “While he lived in darkness, that man suffered in his burden. When he came to know the Lord, his heart changed. Now he shoulders the weight with joy!”